At USA ReBuilders, we are committed to you and your family’s safety. Whether you choose us or not, we offer these important safety and preparation tips. 

  • The materials should be delivered one day prior to scheduled project. All materials should be covered with plastic or at the very least; felt paper, caulk, nails, etc. Some materials could be damaged if rained on for long periods of time.

  • For everyone’s protection, Try Not To Handle These Materials. Shingles are very heavy and metal drip-edge and flashing have sharp edges. If you feel the need to inspect the materials to insure the proper color was ordered, pull out one or two full shingles as a sample. Occasionally, the Material Coordinator makes a mistake when ordering the materials.

  • During the scheduled project, keep yourself, children and pets away from the perimeter of your home until all work is completed. Most accidents occur when one person does not see the other.

  • Move all vehicles away from the work area for their protection and to allow the refuse trailer to back up near the roof for easier loading and less debris accumulation on the ground. Plywood should be put over bay windows and tarps should be laid out where the tear off is being performed so the clean-up will be more easy.

  • Move out of harms way all potted plants, lawn furniture, etc. Items which can be broken but are permanent fixtures (landscape lights, etc.) should be covered before work begins.

  • Due to hammering movement on your roof, you should remove any articles from your inner walls that may fall resulting in damage such as mirrors, pictures etc.

  • You’re a/c line should be at least 6" away from the roof surface inside the attic. It could be punctured by a nail which is securing the shingle and the Freon will then leak out resulting in an inoperable air conditioner. Roof installers are not able to detect this line under the roof surface but most contractors will assist in removing and replacing the shingles and decking to repair if needed.

After all work has been completed, an inspection should be performed to insure proper workmanship.

  • An inspection from the roof top should result in no broken shingles or exposed nails. If inspection results are negative, Do Not Caulk. Replace entire shingle by the manufacturer’s suggestions.

  • If ridge vents were installed, inspect from the attic at the peak of the house. There  should be a 1" to 2" gap on “Both Sides” of the top rafter to insure proper ventilation. Please Remember: People overhead cannot always see activity on the ground. By being prepared, staying alert and using common sense, your roof can be completed in a safe and timely manner. If you have any further questions you may call us Toll Free at: 1 (281) 901-8462.

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