OSB ~ Oriented Strand Board is the preferred decking of Systematic Roofing. OSB is made from compressing wood chips under extreme pressure and gluing them together. It is very straight when laid down and cannot be installed improperly.   1/2" CDX ~ The letters CDX stands for the grade of wood being used. The C is the 3rd letter (A & B being the best) of 4 grades and D is the worst. The X is the product between the 2 sheets including the glue which holds them together.
Tech Shield ~ This wood has an aluminum foil type product on one side that repeals heat. Installing this wood properly is imperative for the best results.   Mill Cert ~ This wood has no regulations and is the very cheapest on the market. It looks very similar to CDX but is an inferior product and home owners should be on the lookout for this product.
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