Sheet Metal
Valley Flashing ~ This flashing is used to roll down the crease between two slopes. Some Valley flashing is left exposed to the weather but Systematic Roofing prefers to close the valley by covering the flashing with shingles.   Step Flashing ~ The flashing is used when the roof slope meets with a wood or brick wall. When meet with a wood wall the flashing is tucked underneath the wood and when the roof meets a brick wall the flashing is tucked underneath counter flashing shown below.
Counter Flashing ~ This flashing is pushed into a brick wall. A small 1/2" gap needs to be cut first with a masonry saw.   Ridge Flashing ~ This flashing is used when a roof slope ends with a straight down wall sometimes referred to as a half gable. This flashing is put on the very peak of the gable and nailed down on top of the shingles.
Drip Edge ~ This flashing is put underneath the very bottom shingle overlapping the fascia board. It is used to protect the 1x2 from the weather elements.   Chimney Crickets ~ These are custom built to fit a specific chimney. It is used to divert the water as it flows down the roof.
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