Before and After


The First Picture Shows the Flashing On the Outside,

 “Flashing Goes Underneath!”


In this case, the valley flashing should be installed underneath the roofing material.


Starter and gravel guard are in place and ready to be primed.


The black tar look is primer sprayed on the galvanized valley flashing to make it adhere to the modified bitumen when torch applied.


This roof will last longer than its warranted description without ever leaking because the flashing was installed properly.


The roll roofing the deck builders used was never waterproof.


The torch applied Modified Bitumen we used will never leak.


Left Picture Reveals the Roofer was Inexperienced,

 “Excellent Roofing Job On the Right!”

Regular shingles "Will Not" waterproof a low-sloped roof because the water builds up underneath the shingles and spreads out.
This modified bitumen was torched at least 2' up underneath the shingles and will never leak. You Get What You Pay For!  

Remodeling Contractors should only Remodel, they tried to shingle this Low Sloped Roof and it always leaked even after they tarred it.

“Remodelers Should NOT Roof, Roofing Contractors Roof!”

If you’re building a new room, make sure the roof’s slope is steep enough or hire a roofing company to keep the water out.   After years of tarring, this family finally had their roof repaired correctly! Of course it was installed by USA ReBuilders, Inc..
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