Shingle Applications
Pitch Forks ~ These are used to loosen the composition shingles from the plywood. When You are tearing off wooden cedar shingles it is easier to use a leaf spring from an automobile.   Reel for Chalk ~ You should always pop chalk lines when installing a 20 year shingle (3-tab). Donít forget to buy the chalk dust for the chalk line.
Hammers ~ Roofing hammers have a notch on one end which is used to show the distance between each row of shingles before they are nailed down.   Metal Scissors ~ These are used to cut out the J flashing, open the materials and to manipulate the step flashing etc.
Modified Applications
Propane Torch ~ These are used to heat the modified bitimun. Make sure that you are using the proper underlayment called base sheet. If you lay down regular felt paper it will catch on fire.   Shovels ~ When you have to tear off an existing roof it is wise to have the correct roof removal shovels. There are also hot mops that resemble a human wig but not after you dip them in tar.
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